"Love is a Gift"

I adore this collage created by the senior artist I work with each week. She calls this piece, "Love is a Gift". I couldn't agree more.


New Designs!

With a flurry of sales and trades, it has been a fun start to summer for my recycled bicycle gear jewelry.  Here is Sonja, an Artist herself, modeling a macrame choker featuring a well worn Campagnolo cog. Thanks James for the contribution! I always love to include findings from those that I love and ride with. I like to think that the incredible energy from our cycling adventures somehow becomes part of the piece. Happy summer and cheers to adventures on and off of wheels! 


Rise Up for Homeless Young Adults

ROOTS is a shelter focusing on helping homeless youth in Seattle.  For 18 years, ROOTS has worked to shelter and support this incredibly vulnerable population.  If you would like to Rise Up to help ROOTS continue to grow and engage their guests with more services, such as the recently implemented jobs program and case management services, go to http://www.rootsinfo.org/riseup  and register for a place at the table.  This year's fundraising dinner includes a silent auction for which James and I have both donated items; handmade jewelry made from hemp and recycled bicycle inner tubes, and a private flight in the San Juans.

Thursday, November 9, 2017, 6:00pm-8:30pm

Herban Feast, 3200 1st Avenue South, Seattle WA



Opening night - Artists for Immigrants

The opening for "Artists for Immigrants" was a great success!  Many sales were made with proceeds going to support "One America" and "Jewish Family Services", two local organizations working for Immigrants here in the Northwest.  Thank you to my awesome friends for coming out to support, donate and purchase work - as Louis Ortega said in his poignant story last night - we all have the ability to change the narrative by showing up.  Thank you for being there.

Artists for Immigrants

I am honored to be part of a wonderful collective of Artists supporting immigrants through the exhibition and sale of our work.  Please join me March 9 for the opening of this month long exhibit at Revolutions Espresso in Greenlake, Seattle.  Opening night will also feature a talk from Louis Ortega of Storytellers for Change, and a performance by the Seattle Women's Steel Pan Project Drum Band.  Thank you for showing up for this incredible event.  Proceeds go directly to Jewish Family Services and One America.

MedRec_red_spare_1900x1583 (1) copy.jpg

I remember how excited I was when I was asked to interview to become an Educator at the Seattle Art Museum.  My interview was in September 2001 and it launched an epic relationship for me with this amazing Museum.  16 years later, I still love being a Teaching Artist for the SAM.  This past weekend, at a workshop I was leading, one of the guests thanked me for the work I do with SAM. She went on to explain that years ago when her daughters were young, they attended a workshop I was leading. The pieces they made together that day signify a time of togetherness for her family and have been on display in their home ever since.  She went on to explain that now her girls are older and they don't do things like that so much anymore, which gives those works additional poignancy for her.  She put her hand on my arm and said, "I just want you to know - this is what you do.  You should know this. I have always wanted to thank you."  What a wonderful gift she gave me in sharing this. 

Kama, god of love, India, 11th century

Kama, god of love, India, 11th century

STEAM Professional Development workshop for teachers

Earlier this month I was honored to be teaching with a partnership of local museums leading STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) focused, hands-on professional development workshops for K-12 educators.  I always love the challenge of connecting visual art to the curricula that teachers present in their classroom.  This workshop's goal was to teach teachers how to present data in a new, compelling way using the Elements of Art.

Do you know what a "Data Sculpture" is?  Data Sculptures are a way to connect data with personal stories and art.  A Data Sculpture is a visual way to represent a complex idea.  Creating a 3D sculpture from facts, data-sets, or new ideas can help different types of learners to access information in a new way, as well as create empathy that the data-set or facts on paper may not elicit. 

Making "Data Sculptures" with attention to the Elements of Art

Making "Data Sculptures" with attention to the Elements of Art

Big ideas for little artists

I just started a teaching residency with an International School here in Seattle.  For my first workshop we explored the self portrait, looking at examples of mostly female artists of merit from the 1500's to the Modern era.  We also learned how to make and use a proportion map of the face.  Here are the Kindergartners after their second day showing off their amazing efforts!  There is nothing more fun than watching these incredible open minds simply soak up all that we discuss and work through together.  It is so much fun being told out of the blue that I smell good while helping a little artist draw a nose with the beginning of structure, or getting a spontaneous joy-filled hug after telling a hard-working artist what I love about her experimentation.  Did I mention that these classes are held in three languages? 

"Edge of the Woods" from inside!

Its always so fun to see where my work is displayed after it is purchased. Here is one of the photos I have recently received from a client.  This "Edge of the Woods" series print was the first original piece of artwork to to be installed in this buyer's brand new home. 

"Edge of the Woods - Salal and Fern", Woodblock Monoprint, 14" x 30"

"Edge of the Woods - Salal and Fern", Woodblock Monoprint, 14" x 30"

Remembering the Fox

My eyes are always open to the sky, scanning the trees and peering into the water. Sightings of the wonderful creatures that make their homes in these spaces are inspiration.  This image is the block and proof of my most recent woodblock print in the "Edge of the Woods" series.  It introduces a Cascade Fox that I saw over the Summer.  A group of us were mountain biking at Crystal Mountain here in Washington and she crossed in front of us, stopping at the edge of the woods to gaze at us with a bold curiosity that was unforgettable. 

"Edge of the Woods:  Cascade Fox", block and proof are each 24" x 12"

"Edge of the Woods:  Cascade Fox", block and proof are each 24" x 12"

Save the Date!

I am honored to be a part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Visitor Center "Giving Marketplace", coming up December 2nd and 3rd.  The Giving Marketplace is a tradition at the Visitor Center, where organizations are hosted that offer sustainable, meaningful and creative ways to participate in the joy of giving. I will be teaching participants how to create beautiful jewelry from recycled bicycle inner-tubes. Hope to see you.